Happy Birthday Kennedy Marie -15 years old – Bonus: Birthday Interview

It’s a tale as old as time….the sweet little chubby babies, turn into clumsy toddlers, then into big kids with scraped knees, then into awkward tweens, and  then into something older…yet still young….someone that can hold a conversation with adults, someone that can drive and fend for themselves but still can’t keep the giggles at bay in a situation where laughing is inappropriate.   And yet it always surprises the parents, every time.  As if they didn’t know this is how this works…this is the way it has always worked.  They grow up.  Right in front of your eyes.  OUCH.  It hurts.  I heard it referred to once as looking directly into the sun.  It stings.
Miss Kennedy turned 15 years old a few weeks ago!  She had a great day full of balloons, ice cream cake, Chinese food lunch date with Dad, Mom and Khloe, and our annual birthday dinner out with just her parents…at Olive Garden.

Kennedy is the little Momma (well, not so little anymore, as she’s taller than this Momma) of the Howard Home.  She is assertive and opinionated and happy.  She is organized, which always catches me off guard, as I remember my bedroom (and my childhood best friend Kelli’s room) growing up being a complete and total disaster.  Kennedy is kind, sweet, thoughtful, smart and funny.  She has made this parenting gig pretty wonderful.  I’m constantly impressed with her ability to juggle her insanely busy schedule, between school work, athletic schedules, volunteering at church, babysitting and her commitments at our home.  Kennedy loves the Lord.  She reads her bible daily.  She prays, and she isn’t afraid to speak His truth in a situation that might be uncomfortable for her.   That’s pretty awesome.  She’s pretty awesome.  I have had this post started for a few weeks and just couldn’t find the space in my heart to put into words how I feel about her getting so old!  Well, my words will never do her justice.  But I will continue to watch her grow into her body, in Christ, and into her true self.  Here’s the annual birthday interview:

Nicknames:  Nenny, Ken

Favorite Food:  Chinese

Favorite Drink:  Strawberry Smoothie

Favorite Color:  Aqua

Favorite Song:  Holy Spirit

Favorite Book:  My Bible

Favorite Subject in School:  Science

Favorite Movie:  A Walk to Remember

Favorite TV Show:  Criminal Minds

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas

Best Friends:  Jersie, Nate, Abby Klammer, Tori Splitt, Amber Hollister

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Jr. High or High School Teacher

Where would you like to go on vacation? Mexico

What is one thing you wish you owned right now?  A nice car that doesn’t scream (her car needs some love 🙂 )

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? With a degree in education, married with a kid or two

What is 1 goal you wish to accomplish in your lifetime?  Run a marathon

God is within her; she will not fall.

– Psalm 46:5