Rollercoaster Week

Going into last week, I knew I would be on a rollercoaster of highs and lows… but HOLY CURVEBALLS.  However, those are the times that I gain some often-times much needed perspective.

First off:
My husband was out of town for his vacation:  I was single-mommin’ in for a week while he hunted opening week of rifle deer season.  That is hard.  That is exhausting.  I appreciate all of his help running the 5 kiddos here and there, so much.  Just another set of adult hands to help and adult ears to listen when I need them is priceless.   He’s really the greatest and he’s really missed when he’s gone!
Not only was it just difficult.  It was especially unnerving for me because someone attempted to break into our home, in broad daylight.  The doors and windows were all locked, thankfully so no one entered the home, and we weren’t home at the time it happened.   The police came and filed a report, told me to keep things locked up tight, like they were and to notify them if I notice anything else askew.
I am one of the coordinators of our local  Hastings MOPS and MOMSnext group.  In one of our planning sessions for this year’s meetings, I got a wild hair and decided to reach out to a NE famous Mommy-Blogger that has recently dominated cancer, to see if she would ever consider speaking at MOPS this year.  SHE SAID YES.  That’s right, I took our own MOPS mantra of Be Brave literally; I asked and she came….Ashli Brehm from Baby on the Brehm drove herself and her 2 year old adorable son, Harrison to Hastings to spend her morning with us.
She told us her story; her up-till-now life story.  Through her speaking, I was just so struck by her stories of goodness.  She spoke of the people that banded together and lifted her so high up in prayer that there was no seeing the ground.  They blessed her with gifts and thoughtful reminders that she wasn’t alone in this battle.  She told of her friends that essentially stepped into the role of mother and housewife to care for her domestic responsibilities so she could rest.  How amazing is that.  She was humble and hilarious, and grateful to be around to see her baby boys grow.  I got to meet her friend Leslie Means who is also a celebrity around this state, former NTV News anchor and currently blessing the worldwide web with her amazing blog at Her View From Home.  I joked and thanked these ladies for “using their powers for good and not evil”…but I was really dead serious.  I am so happy when I see kind, ambitious, smart women/men spreading love.
My oldest teenage daughter had a tonsillectomy last Friday.
She and I stayed home while my husband drove with the other 4 kiddos to his brother’s house to spend the holiday with family while Kennedy rested at home with me.  We were told she wasn’t allowed to travel for the first 2 weeks post-op.   Things didn’t go as planned.  Recovery has been less than easy.
Kennedy developed an infection and pneumonia and ended up in the ICU after a serious re-bleed.

I’m really not sure if I’m ready to talk about what all happened with Kennedy this week.  It was terrifying, and a major learning opportunity for this future nurse, and it brought forth my tribe of family and friends that wrapped us in their love and prayer.  Talk about noticing the goodness.  The love we received this week was so sweet.  We are blessed with a wonderful hospital, and amazing Pediatricians that took (and are currently taking) such great care of Kennedy.  The nurses…those sweet nurses. ❤   God’s hand was definitely on her situation.  It was easy to feel and see the “God Moments”.   I’ve spent more alone time with our oldest of 5 this week than I have since she was the only Howard baby.  That is a blessing.  That is a silver lining. I’ve spent more quiet time talking to God this week.  In our home, it’s loud and the background noise is always there….my chats with God are often interrupted, but I know he hears me, us.  He probably kicks back and watches the shenanigans of this house and chuckles…I mean, these kids are hilarious. 🙂

Thank you so much Bill and Britt for loving on our 4 youngest this week!  I haven’t worried a minute about them or their well being. (Okay, except for maybe the whole dirt bike thing… 🙂 )
Thank you to our church family for the visits to pray for Kennedy and the texts and calls and flowers.  If you all don’t have a church home…please find one.  It’s a whole new level of support, unconditional love and support.
Kennedy was showered with love from family and friends offering gifts and care packages, treats and flowers.

We’ve been home from the hospital for 8 hours now, and Kennedy has started vomiting (no re-bleeds yet) and her fever is creeping up again (101 now) after being fever-free for more than a day.  I spoke with her doctor tonight and have strict orders to take her back to the hospital if she throws up more than one more time, or if her fever gets up to 103.  Please pray for her.  She’s just now starting to get scared.  We were so hopeful she was over the hump.

This was definitely a Thanksgiving for the books.  I’m certain some details of this week will never be forgotten.
I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving day.  Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers on your holiday!  We felt the love, and we felt God’s presence.


Author: peaceandpuddles

I am a DIYer, coffee-lover, baby-kisser and big fan of chocolate. I am a wife to 1 sweet man and mom to 5 awesome kids! Nursing Student. Blessed. Full Heart.

2 thoughts on “Rollercoaster Week”

  1. Prayers. Love. Hugs. In that order.
    Our love for all of you is overflowing. Waiting for healing, especially for our children, can be so hard.


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