Lessons from the Littles

“Mom, thanks for being the awesome-est Mom in the world.” blurted Karson from the back seat.
“Aww, buddy, I’m not sure I’m the most awesome Mom out there, but thank you!  What exactly do you think qualifies someone for that title?”
Karson sweetly replied, “You always love us every day, no matter what.  (insert exploding Momma-heart here ❤  )  And when you’re crabby or have done something wrong, you apologize and admit it.  And that’s really hard to do!  Most adults just go about their day not making it right.  Plus!  You won Miss Geniality!” (Miss Congeniality, Miss Teen NE Circa 1997)

You guys, kids are just the best, right?!  And why do some of the best, and hardest conversations happen in the car?  Because there’s no WiFi, and they are trapped in there, forced to communicate with you.  Fight or Flight just isn’t an option in a moving vehicle.  It’s a gift, really.

Who knew that when I asked my 10 year old what makes me the “awesome-est”, he would say that it’s because I own up to my faults and apologize…  (I was so sure that my slick dance moves and ability to rap Ice Ice Baby would make the list, but alas.)  That most adults don’t apologize, they just forget it and go about their day.
He knows how hard it is, because kids are forced by adults to own up to their mistakes and apologize.  He knows because he is expected by every adult to comply and to do what’s right or face the consequences.  Friends, think about that.  What if we, as adults, were held to that high of a standard, as well.
Now, I am going to go on record here and say that I am definitely not perfect and that I make plenty of mistakes on the daily.  But, WOW.    What a great reminder that maybe it’s not about the chauffeuring from here to there, the packing of organic lunches, the late nights whipping up a totally legit edible molecular-model that’s due in the morning, (come on science teachers, you’re killin’ me!) or overextending ourselves, physically and mentally, at every turn that matters to the littles.

Maybe it’s much simpler than that.
Maybe teaching our children to make amends, by showing them that WE feel sorry, too, should make the top of our list.
Maybe it would make our children feel valued, feel respected, feel equal to the always-superior adults they have to deal with every. single. blessed. day.  How exhausting that must be for our kiddos.

This was one of those moments offered up to me from God, to see through the eyes of my child and peek into their pure-white, perfect heart.  I’ve learned the older my children get, that I need to ask more questions and just listen…listen to the words of their heart make their way out into the universe, in a fleeting moment that came as fast as it went.

Sometimes all it takes is some perspective, gifted to you by someone (maybe even someone 1/3 of your age) to bring things into focus.

Thanks buddy…Mommy sees you and hears you.

The Awesome-est Mom in the world


Author: peaceandpuddles

I am a DIYer, coffee-lover, baby-kisser and big fan of chocolate. I am a wife to 1 sweet man and mom to 5 awesome kids! Labor & Delivery Nurse. Blessed. Full Heart.

5 thoughts on “Lessons from the Littles”

  1. Oh Kimberly!! This is so good! I do look forward to what my little guys will say at 10 years old! I read your conversation with tears in my eyes. So sweet! I’ve tried to apologize to my 3 year old anytime I do something wrong – it is so humbling and he always apologizes too. Poor buddy! All of this is so encouraging to read, thank you! So thankful you are writing a blog!! 😘

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  2. Kim, How wonderful to hear from your boy what he loves about you! This story reminds me of Mason and me. He was a handful during the day where I’m sure I was less than stellar in my approaches dealing with his energy and behavior. At bedtime, it was a different story. I asked him why he liked to snuggle so much and he answered, “Because you forgive me”. I was shocked at his realization that during the day my patience dwindled but at bedtime all was forgiven and he felt loved. I have never forgotten that and made a conscience effort to show him forgiveness more often during the day. I love your blog and always have enjoyed seeing your family grow up!


    1. Thank you, Jennifer (this still feels so wrong not calling you Mrs. Low). 😉
      What a sweet boy Mason was! Both of your kids are so great. You did an amazing job! ♡
      Karson tells me 100 times a day that he loves me. He’s my lover boy, and coincidentally my most energetic and rambunctious. I’ve learned so much through parenting him!


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